Animal Crossing Awards!!

We are holding the first annual Animal Crossing & Fandom awards :)
These are just for fun and should not be taken very seriously..
Check back soon for more information!
Final votes end March 1st!
Sooooo... You let the haters ruin this for everybody who was looking forward to it?
─ Anonymous

i didn’t let the haters do anything. they just did it.

Are you counting up the votes? :)
─ Anonymous

i’ve counted them, i’m working on the badges now

What's sarcastic about nananana boo boo?
─ Anonymous

anon said i answer immaturely so i replied with such

Yay! Let's act like 4 year olds! WHO HASNT RELEASED IT? NANANANANA BOO BOO.
─ Anonymous

i was being sarcastic but if you wanna be annoying about it you can

There's no guarantee that you'll take what I have to say to heart, and we are both entitled to our respective opinions after all, but I think that you might receive significantly fewer hateful messages if you didn't respond so immaturely. Getting a rise out of you is exactly what they want. If these awards are for fun and not to be taken seriously, like it says in your sidebar, then maybe it would be a good idea to ask yourself why you're getting so worked up over a pretend awards show.
─ Anonymous

nananana boo boo

I'm pretty sure we covered the whole "its not her fault he got nominated" thing but I can refresh your memory if you want ^.^
─ Anonymous


I don't understand why so many people are so angry. It wasn't your fault the guy was nominated. It's not your fault he's off his rocker. I've got a feeling it's the same anon with all the replies you've posted, too, based off of sentence structure and grammar usage. It's your blog so take however long you want to finish up. Shut your asks until then so you don't have to deal with all the bullshit. The ACNL fandom isn't supposed to be so hurtful and asshole-y. Just ignore the spineless anons. :)

thank youuu ^.^

Been over 2 hours and... what's this? Still not posted? Ah, well.
─ Anonymous

the voting ended today. im not posting the results. its gonna take a while.

holy shit stop answering all these stupid asks its so annoying
─ Anonymous


is yours a smart one or stupid one

Well then how about you *GASP* look him up. People have told you what he has done multiple times so don't act like this is new and that no one ever told you. Bellpincher (the person he asked nudes of) said he did it and he even admitted it. Stop playing dumb and acting like you are innocent when you are just being lazy at this point. It's not like this shit happened months ago it was like 3 weeks tops. It's not that hard to go to his blog and actually look into some of the things people say
─ Anonymous